About Our Studio

COROMOTO was established in 2014 with the goal of providing interior and architectural design excellence to a broad range of commercial enterprises.   Our primary discipline is in creating unique food and beverage environments that shine not just in layout and design, but also in every minute detail.

Our objective is simple. We strive to create meaningful spaces that arouse emotion and contribute to the effectiveness and profitability of your business.   We achieve this by helping your company communicate its lifestyle and values through extraordinary, “out-of-the-box” designs that truly connect with customers.

Our Approach is 100% Service Oriented

Our success lies in our ability to accurately translate our client’s vision into gorgeous, functional spaces.   We have found that when you combine (1) original, quality work with (2) a total service approach – client satisfaction is guaranteed.

Whether you’re a global brand, new start up, or existing business looking for an edge – we can help you get where you want to be.

Coro Urdaneta

CoroCoro Urdanata, founder and visionary behind COROMOTO, has more than 10 years of commercial architectural design experience on three different continents.

Raised in Venezuela, it is her South American upbringing that has largely contributed to her signature style – a combination of minimalism, open industrial layouts, natural materials, and chic geometric fixtures.

Previous to moving to China, Coro worked for 8 years on high-end commercial and residential projects in Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida.   In 2011, thirsty for new challenges, Coro set her sights on Beijing. Initially, she had only planned on staying in China as long as it would take to finish a contracted three-restaurant project. It wasn’t long, however, China’s quirky charm and high-demand for her architectural design expertise pulled her in for more.

Today, Coro can be found anywhere in the country building, designing and beautifying commercial spaces.

Her passion and ambition is contagious. Since COROMOTO’s opening in 2014 – Coro has quickly established herself as a prominent, up and coming designer in China.


The Team

COROMOTO brings together diverse backgrounds and experiences paired with multidisciplinary expertise. Our dynamic team of architects, interior designers, rendering artists and branding specialists represent 5 countries, from 4 continents, with 1 overarching commonality – a passion for creating unique experiences through interior design.


Chiara Anfuso, Italian architect and interior designer with 8 years of experience, brings an eye for design and passion for all things creative and challenging. She has been a tremendous asset to Coromoto since our founding – managing projects from conception and design to construction site quality checks. Like all Italians, she loves pizza, pasta and watching ‘La Dolce Vita’ again and again.


Sofia 2 (1)


Sofia Cardoso, is an American architect and interior designer. Her background in studio art allows her to approach design with a trained eye and passion for creative risk-taking.  When she’s not in the office – we assume she must be re-organizing her shoe closet– rumor has it, she more than a couple hundred pairs!





Rafael Urdaneta, Coromoto co-founder, heads the firms business development.  On any given day he can be found masterfully juggling finance, administrative, and HR roles. When he’s not working (which seems rare), he enjoys traveling, cooking, and eating sweets – but don’t we all!



Jimmy 3


Jimmy Guo is our rendering and digital design guru from Hebei, China. He possesses great artistic talent and a natural intuition for interior design.  Out of the office, Jimmy is an avid sports enthusiast and dedicated swimmer.




Johnny 2 (1)


Johnny Meng, hailing from Jilin, China, manages a wide range of Coromoto business administration tasks. His hobbies include reading traditional Chinese novels and traveling. Previous to a job at Coromoto, Johnny worked as a translator in Angola, Africa.




Coromoto Team