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                About Us

                      Qingdao Ruisheng Graphite Co., Ltd. is located in well-known “Hometown of graphite”—Nanshu of Laixi City, which lies in the picturesque Jiaodong Peninsula. 40 km south of the company there is Lan-Yan Railway, and 30 km south of it is the intersection of Wei-Lai Expressway and Tongsan Speedway. The transportation is very convenient. 

                        Our company is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in the manufacturing of squama graphite, particle graphite, graphite emulsion and graphite products. Founded in year 1988, the company covers a land of 38000 m2. The sub-nanometer graphite powder produced by the company is widely used in high-tech field such as aviation, space flight and war industry. MD-model multi-series of water basic mode graphite emulsion for drop forging is top in quality among similar products.