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                Semi-metallic Friction Material Made of Graph

                2019/5/24 10:59:21

                   Graphite powder is used to make semi-metallic friction materials. Since the 1970s, semi-metallic friction materials have been widely used in clutches and automatic linings. Semi-metallic friction material is made by bonding graphite powder with metal powder, steel fiber and pottery powder with synthetic resin. In recent years, asbestos has been gradually replaced by graphite powder. In some semi-metallic linings, the content of graphite powder has increased from 1% to 2% to 15%. The consumption of graphite powder in this field depends on the development of automobile industry. But as mentioned earlier, this material is not so perfect in the use process, but also has its shortcomings. The main problem is that steel fibers are easy to rust, adhere to the dual after corrosion and have greater damage to it, which reduces the strength of friction materials and aggravates wear. At the same time, the hardness of steel fibers is high, and the hardness difference between steel fibers and their counterparts is too big, which is easy to damage the dual and accelerate the dual wear.