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                Demand for flake graphite and graphite electr

                2019/5/24 11:02:11

                   From the point of view of demand, the country began to thoroughly clean up and renovate the floor strip steel and medium frequency furnace at the beginning of the year, which led to a sharp increase in the demand for electric arc furnaces in steel mills. The annual demand for flake graphite and graphite electrodes may reach nearly 600,000 tons. The proportion of EAF steel in China still has great room for improvement. With the expansion of EAF steel proportion and the elimination of backward production capacity, the demand for flake graphite and graphite electrode is expected to continue to grow. It is precisely because of the influence of such supply and demand relationship that the market of flake graphite and graphite electrodes has risen and prices have continued to be strong and entered the seller's market. Flake graphite and graphite electrodes have high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and good conductivity. They have been widely used in metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, chemical industry, machinery, aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry, new energy, military industry, sports equipment, biomedical and many other fields.